God, this season gives rise to thousands of mistakes

I've chewed a lot of scattered rubbish

in the side slopes of poverty head: do not give it
ease when it's just growing up
the pity of the perfect poor brothers

If you still want your taste to visit me
come in the most lonely of the most painful situations

My eyes turned out to be a spy who investigated sincerity,
moreover dancer of beauty beauty curve of human body
A pair of normal eyes that are always hooked for
see the beautiful, much less tempting.

God, for some reason sometimes just arise my wish

replace it with other eyes of origin can feel and

know the luster of stars, of course you are the most know
God, because from my ancestors honed for sure!

My mouth is always chewing on silence
from time to time and are willing to pass unlimited words
All came out with a subtle turn
Words glide like rainfall, spewing floods
all flowed, all spilled, into the sea, even existed
which ascend the hills, to the mountains, to the clouds and the sun!
but still unable to dismantle the coral in the ocean

So I began to feel dissatisfied with just having a mouth
which is kind of because it is unable to change the act
through language of thought, longing for a mouth capable of cooking
food for the blighted and flood-stricken traveler!

God, why my heart is not ready to be careful in
translating regrets created by myself?

Probably because of the various problems he has to take

but the place is very small. If you can give me
a great heart in order to be heartened in spreading
the wisdom created by simple thoughts

Give me a heart that is always careful in business
weighing and sorting and formulating
something wisely: that way I will have
sharp eyes of heart for all corners of humanity!

God, if I had you to accept it, the smallness of meaning
self will be nurtured as deep as possible: be this prayer bud
life that will split eyes, mouth and heart, determinant
hand move to not as usual and simple course ..


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